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Take Charge of Your Wellbeing

Trying to lose weight? Depressed or anxious? Don't feel good in your body or mind?
You don’t have to be! Dr. Alice Fong can help you take charge of your wellbeing so you can live happier, healthier and to your fullest potential!
Good health, in her opinion, is not just a lack of physical symptoms. Having love and happiness for yourself and for your life are vital.
Take charge of your health and schedule a virtual telemedicine consultation today!

Dr. Alice is no longer at her office for in-person consultations or massage. However, she is available for Virtual Consults and Coaching Monday through Friday.

Want to see if Dr. Alice Fong is the right fit for you as a doctor and coach? Join in on a free virtual meet and greet every Monday at 12pm EST. More info here.

For 2019, Dr. Alice is taking on the 365 days of happiness challenge and will be posting on Facebook and Instagram at least once daily to inspire people to live happier, healthier and to their fullest potential. Be sure to follow her on both!