Dr. Alice Fong - Naturopathic Doctor

Hello fellow health seekers and providers!

I’m currently in a program called the Self Expression Leadership Program (through Landmark) and it involves creating a community project that can make a lasting impact in the world. Initially, I was going to create a video blog with some health information that I would provide. However, since I had some upcoming travels in the Caribbean and various parts of Europe, I decided to expand upon that and make it a traveling video blog where I interview doctors around the world to create a video series to provide different perspectives about health and wellness.

My goal is interview 20 doctors by May 21st, 2018.*
Although I may continue the project even after I complete my Self Expression Leadership program.

My project is called "
Healing Around the World."

As an integrative naturopathic doctor, I do not believe one kind of medicine necessarily has to compete or fight with another type. I believe we should offer our patients all the possible options available to them to give them their best chance at healing. I believe doctors should work in conjunction with one another, so we are truly integrative.

There are so many people who do not have access to healthcare. There are so many people who haven't seen a doctor in years. This project will bring doctors from around the world to share their knowledge and expertise to those who do not have access to healthcare, and basically anyone wanting or needing to improve their health. Imagine a world where people started looking at labels before they ate their food. A world where more people understood that what they put in their bodies and how they treat it can directly impact their health on many levels. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer rates could go down if people started taking the initiative to be proactive about their health. Using our collective knowledge, we could make a dramatic impact on the health and lives of thousands of people.

The interviews will be about 10-20 minutes long.

If you are a doctor interested in participating in my project, please email me at healingaroundtheworld@gmail.com

If you are a prospective patient, current patient, or someone simply browsing the internet and stumbled across this and interested in helping this project, you can do so by subscribing to my youtube channel and sharing these videos to your social media accounts. I'll be posting them over the course of the next few months.

If you are a prospective patient or a current patient who is in need of an office visit while I'm out and about on my travels, consider scheduling a
virtual wellness consult, available through Skype or email.

Thank you!

In good health,

Dr. Alice
Introduction to the Project

From a conventional medical model to an integrative one - Interview with Dr. Alan Weiss

The impact of Hurricane Maria on health in Puerto Rico - Interview with Dr. Charles Andrews

Limitations of healthcare in the Dominican Republic - Interview with Dr. Jairo Santana

Dr. Reena Singh discusses healing experiences in India, and optimizing your fertility

Dr. Jacob Wolf discusses practicing in an unlicensed state.

Dr. Michael Knapp discusses how the microbiome influences our immune function

Dr. Diana Hubbard discusses working in a functional medicine multi-disciplinary clinic and mold toxicity.

Dr. Monet Ouwinga opens up a new family medicine practice in Southern Maryland.

My interview with Dr. Aumatma Shah, author of international best-selling book "Fertility Secrets: What your doctor didn't tell you about baby-making."

Dr. Jessica Brandes in London discusses ways to help the overworked and stressed!

Had a fantastic interview with Dr. Michelle Qaqundah in Lucca, Italy! It's amazing to hear about the differences around health in Italy versus the US.

Dr. Patricia Diefenbach discusses how positive thinking can impact health.

Dr. Elizabeth Yori is the president of the Maine Association of Naturopathic Doctors and has helped significantly with the legislative efforts in Maine to increase patient choice, access, and equitable insurance reimbursement

Dr. Tara Nayak discusses genomics and feminology.