Natural Medicine

A Holistic Integrative Approach to Health


Please note that Naturopathic Doctors CANNOT accept insurance in the state of Maryland.

The benefit of not accepting insurance is that Dr. Alice Fong is not limited or restricted by the insurance company's criteria, specifically time restrictions. Rather than only spending 10-15 minutes with a patient to assess and address their concerns, Dr. Alice spends 90 minutes to allow for a comprehensive initial visit so she can offer customized, personalized care.

Please fill out the questionnaire intake form online and pay your invoice at least 24 hours before your appointment, otherwise the appointment will automatically be cancelled. You can
pay here or through the email invoice you receive from Square after scheduling your appointment.

No payment plans or sliding scale are offered. However, occasional specials are offered. Please subscribe to the email list to get updated with such offers.

Initial Naturopathic Telemedicine Consultation - $300
- Approximately 90 minutes long

Are you suffering from anxiety, stress, hypertension, diabetes, being overweight, insomnia, pain, or some other health condition? Take charge of your health with a naturopathic consultation! Invest in yourself and your wellbeing.

During your initial visit, you will spend about 90 minutes with Dr. Alice. During this time, she will go over your intake paperwork, discuss your health goals, take your health history, find out about your diet, stress levels, use of tobacco and alcohol, and other lifestyle factors. She will also go over the medications and supplements that you take. Dr. Alice takes the time to get to know you in order to gather information, do an appropriate examination, find the root cause(s) of your conditions, and teach you how to manage your condition and improve your health. This is a safe, nonjudgmental space and your willingness to be fully open and honest during your visit is very important. The more honest you can be, the better clinical picture Dr. Alice will have for your case.

Dr. Alice will work with you to set up a customized health management strategy. This may include dietary modifications, lifestyle factors, stress management, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, wellness counseling, herbs and/ or other supplements. While sometimes comprehensive treatment regimens take time (especially in chronic conditions that developed over many years), she will usually get you started on a plan to get you feeling better right away.

In addition, Dr. Alice will spend a considerable amount of time working on your case after your 90 minute consultation which includes writing up a customized treatment plan (which you will receive via email), supplement recommendations (with therapeutic dosage, frequency and benefits), researching, consulting with other doctors if necessary, and responding to short email questions (longer questions that need a more in depth responses will require a follow-up visit).

If necessary, Dr. Alice will refer you to other health-care practitioners.

Dr. Alice may order labs and diagnostic tests (including but not limited to blood tests, diagnostic imaging, food allergy testing, hormone testing, nutritional deficiency testing, etc), that will help gain a clearer picture of your current symptoms.

Online Intake Form
You will get an email from the Charm EHR with a link to the online intake form. This could take anywhere from 10-30 minutes for you to fill out, but you can come back and finish it at a later time if you need and it will save your answers. However, be sure to click the "Submit" button when you've finished so Dr. Alice can review your intake form before your visit (please finish it preferably at least 48 hours beforehand).

Also, if you have had lab or blood work done recently, please email a copy to Dr. Alice prior to your consultation for her to review, or bring a copy to your appointment.

Follow-Up Naturopathic Telemedicine Consultation

– 30 minutes ($100)
– 60 minutes ($200)
– 90 minutes ($300)

In order to see results, it’s important to follow-up with your naturopathic care. Dr. Alice will recommend how long your follow-up appointment should be at your initial visit.

Supplements and Labs are additional fees. Prices vary.

Lab Tests
If there is a test you're interesting in taking, please let the front desk or Dr. Alice know, so she can be prepared with the right test kit at your next naturopathic consultation. A consultation is required before a test can be ordered to evaluate your medical history and whether the test is appropriate for your case. These lab fees are in addition to the standard consultation fee, and typically paid directly to the lab with a credit card. Click here for more information about these labs.

Most of the specialty labs are not covered by insurance unless indicated otherwise. However, Dr. Alice Fong does have accounts with Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics, so she can order some basic labwork that is more likely to be covered by insurance depending on your insurance plan.
– Food Allergy and/or Sensitivity Testing ($99 for 96 foods, or $184 for 184 foods)
– Comprehensive Allergy Panel ($239 with select insurance carries)
– Adrenal Stress Index Panel ($150)
– Hormone Testing (Post menopause $112, Peri menopause $180, Cycling female $200-450 ($175 w/ select insurance), Male $175 w/select insurance)
– Comprehensive Melatonin Profile ($88)
– Micronutrient Testing for Nutritional Deficiency -MNT ($390 Cash price, $190 with Insurance)
– Cardiovascular and Prediabetes Test/ Cardiometabolic Panel ($10 Add-On if getting MNT above or $45 with insurance except Medicare, $110 Cash Price)
– NutrEval FMV ($189 with select insurance carriers, $499 cash price)
– Heavy Metal Testing - Hair Analysis ($60 for standard profile, $120 for expanded profile)
– Candida Profile ($100)
– Gastrointestinal Health Panel ($210-$457, $189 w/ select insurance)
– Intestinal Permeability Assessment ($60)
– Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth ($149)


Coaching Calls

Single Call
– 30 minutes ($80)

1 Call a week per month
– (4) 30 minute calls ($280)

2 Calls a week per month
- (8) 30 minute calls ($550)


Wellness Programs

3 Month Ultimate Wellness Package - $1200 (~$1400 value)

To have the most success with your health and see results, it requires accountability and motivation to stay on track. This program will best support you in being the best you.

(1) Initial Virtual Naturopathic Consultation - 90 minutes
(10) Weekly Coaching Calls - 30 minutes each
(2) Follow Up Virtual Naturopathic Consultations - 30 minutes each
Registration into the next 6 week Elimination Diet Series Course

VIP Wellness Package - $1000 (~$1200 value)
*Exclusive to existing patients only
(10) Weekly Coaching Calls - 30 minutes each
(3) Follow Up Virtual Naturopathic Consultations - 30 minutes each
Registration into the next 6 week Elimination Diet Series Course

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