Dr. Alice Fong - Naturopathic Doctor

For questions, comments, or more info:
Phone: (443) 595-6688
Email: info@calvertnaturalmedicine.com

To request an appointment:


In the "What is the reason for the visit?' question, please indicate the type and length of appointment you want (example: 90 minute initial naturopathic consultation; or 60 min deep tissue massage). For naturopathic visits, please also provide a short description of the issues you would like to address in your session.

After you have submitted a date and time for your appointment, you will get a 'new appointment pending' email from Patient Fusion. We will confirm the appointment within 24 hours typically, and once we have, you will get 'appointment scheduled for ___' email. However, if you don't the confirmation email after 24 hours, please email info@calvertnaturalmedicine.com to let us know you submitted that request and to see if it has been received.

Once you get your confirmation email from Patient Fusion, in the email, click on "Check in now." If it's your first visit, click on "Don't have an account?" button and create an account using the email you booked your appointment with. Then it will direct you to the online intake form for you to fill out. This could take anywhere from 10-30 minutes for you to fill out, but you can come back and finish it at a later time if you need and it will save your answers. However, be sure to click the "Submit" button when you've finished so Dr. Alice can review your intake form before your visit (please finish it preferably at least 48 hours beforehand). Naturopathic clients should answer all 46 questions. Massage clients only have to answer questions 1-18 and sign the last item (#46).


134 Main Street Suite 203
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

- White building behind the gray house marked 136 Main
- Her office is on the 2nd floor but there is an elevator so it is handicap accessible.
- When getting off the elevator on the 2nd floor, go down the hall, her door is to the RIGHT of the bathroom.
- If for some reason the front door to the building is locked (which might happen for evening appointments), please call the number above to let her know you are there

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